DIVA Magazine April 2017

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We are delighted to have singer songwriter Lucy Spraggan on the cover of our 250th issue, talking to Roxy Bourdillon about music, marriage and adulting like a boss. Read our interview, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive behind the scenes video and some extra shots from our shoot in east London.

Also in this special anniversary issue…
DIVA Awards: The winners!
Looking back at 23 years of lez/bi life
DIVA columnists Heather Peace and Jane Hill reflect on the how their lives have changed since coming out
Beyond the trans tipping point: Cerian Jenkins on non-binary inclusivity
Alynda Lee Segarra: “It took me a while to get down with Beyoncé”
Interviews with Stella Duffy, Lisa Gornick and Ruth Hunt
Get into gear: Top 10 rides 2017
Lets get quizzical: We test your brainpower with our LGBTeasers

PLUS: Family, career and much, much more!