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DIVA Magazine December 2013

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Check out the new DIVA mag featuring Vogue model Eden Clark.

In the December issue of DIVA magazine: 

Vogue model Eden Clark, dressing for herself - how lesbian models are changing the fashion world.

 Harmony Boucher - super model and vuvuvultures front-woman.

 Kori Rae - meet the Pixar producer behind Brave.

 Lesbian style classics - sapphic fashion advice for the over 40s.

 Festive style for dapper queers - andro fashion for high days and holidays.

 Charlotte Gainsbourg - the showbiz princess with andro appeal.

 Lucy Adams - the former skate champ on teaching girls.

 Susan Calman - why do rail companies block gay sites.

 The Rubbish Lesbian - Sarah Westwood rules the remote control.

 Kirsty Logan - a tale with a twist by the Scottish author.

 Eats for Everyone - festive menus for all tastes and budgets.

 Brilliant Box Sets - queer treats and sub-texts for telly addicts.

 Sexy Stocking Fillers - readers review the hottest new sex toys.

 Plus all the usual favourites like Paris Lees Mediawatch; travel; shopping; No Problem! and much more.