DIVA Magazine February 2014

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In the Love Issue of DIVA magazine - Super Fans and the pop icons we love to love.

Also in February issue:

Loving straight girls -  Susan Calman on the destructive addiction.

Feline Love - Sarah Westwood loves pussy. Get over it.

Love after breast cancer - Jo Stoney's tale of survival and sensuality.

O'Hooley & Tidow - The folk duo are partners in love and music.

"What you give is what you get" - A modern-day pilgrim walks the world for love. 

Couples in pictures - Photographers capture the look of love.

"Don't call me gay" - Reader Sophie Brown on the trouble with labels.

Queering sexuality - Why self-declared straight girls have "gay" sex.

Is monogamy dead? - Carrie Lyell flies the flag for one-to-ones.

How therapy saved my relationship - what's couples councelling really like?

Superfans - what's behind our love for the icons of pop?

Which bride are you? - Defiant, reluctant or never-the-bride?

Reader makeover - We give a girl a fashion up date, with attitude.

Lesbian sex, back in the day - Archive mags show how we did it in the 90s

Plus, more of our favourite columnists Charlotte Cooper, Donna McPhail and Paris Lees. As well as music, art and style news and tips.