DIVA Magazine January 2014

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In the January issue of DIVA magazine - an exclusive interview with gay movie star Cathy DeBuono about her new movie Crazy Bitches.

Also in this issue:

Last Tango in Halifax has lit up our winter nights. DIVA chats to the women behind the TV hit.

Sit up straight and pay attention, class, because BBC drama Waterloo Road has a new out lesbian character. DIVA donned a uniform and spoke to actress Kristin Atherton about playing her first TV role, well-travelled jewellery designer Vix Spark.

How to make it to the top - successful women share their workplace tips.

Youth of the future - the young activist who are driving change.

The future is coming! Don't hold your breath. Susan Calman looks backs on new years resolutions past.

Lesbian life in 2044 - Kim Renfrew predicts lesbian life and culture.

Why "The Future" sucks - You're perfect now, says Charlotte Cooper.

Will heteros exist in 50 years? - Paris Lees' letter from the genderqueer future.

Food addiction - how meditation helped one woman get clean.

Bedroom body confidence - how to stop judging your body and enjoy sex.

Fat yoga - the yoga classes that welcome the bigger bodies.

Plus, more of our favourite columnists Sarah Westwood, Donna McPhail and Paris Lees. As well as music, art and style news and tips.