DIVA Magazine July 2018

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“I loved playing a lesbian!” That’s what TV royalty Denise Welch told us when we met up recently to talk all things Different For Girls. As well as her role in the hit web series, the actor, activist and ally also chats about female empowerment and feeling sexy at 60, and tells DIVA why Pride means so much to her. 

Also in this issue…

Vicky Beeching: “The church has harmed me”

Girlboss: Why we’re Obsessed with Maggie Lindemann

Stevie Boebi shows Roxy Bourdillon her vagina… well, kind of

Body Pride: Queer women try boudoir photos to boost their self-esteem

The legacy of Orlando: What has really changed, two years on? 

Girl Gongs: The best bits from the Barclays DIVA Awards 

25+ pages of rainbow goodness

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