DIVA Magazine July 2019

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We’re unashamedly fangirling over this month’s cover star, the legendary k.d lang. In a revealing interview with DIVA’s Roxy Bourdillon, the singer songwriter takes readers on a trip down memory lane, from coming out to that Vanity Fair cover. Don’t miss it.


Also in our Pride issue...

Vita and Virginia’s Gemma Arterton and Elizabeth Debicki on their tempestuous love affair

Bad Girls: The legacy of Larkhall, 20 years on

We meet the stars of Booksmart, the queer teen drama you need in your life

Jeanette Winterson talks sex bots, science and a potential career in politics

The spirit of Stonewall: DIVA chats to some of the activists who were there

Hey Siri, how do you say “I’m gay” in Czech?

PLUS: YouTubers Sam and Alyssa, punk cabaret star Bernie Dieter, indie pop dup Sacred Paws and more Prides than you can shake a stick at!