DIVA Magazine March 2014

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In the march issue of DIVA magazine, an exclusive interview with Jack Monroe the writer of the revolutionary blog, A Girl Called Jack.

In the Love Issue of DIVA magazine - Super Fans and the pop icons we love to love.

Also this issue:

Exclusive Interview with Silent Witness' Liz Carr.

Kelly McGillis - I thought God was punishing me  for being gay.

The New Marriage Laws - How marriage differs from civil partnership.

Hungry, Gay & Homeless - The other side of lesbian life in austerity Britain.

Movie stereotypes - Which one are you?

Out Bi Role Models - Challenging discrimination at work.

Lesbian Foster Parents - There's more than one family way.

Coming Out to Your GP - Why telling your doctor needn't be a pain.

Plus, more of our favourite columnists Charlotte Cooper, Donna McPhail and Paris Lees. As well as music, art and style news and tips.