DIVA Magazine September 2019 - Shura cover

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We’ve got a treat for all you music fans this month. To celebrate the newly rebranded HearHer Music Festival, we’re giving you a choice of gorgeous covers with two of the fest’s headliners. So once you’ve downloaded the digital issue featuring “lesbian Pope” Shura, get yourself to your nearest shop and pick up a hard copy with Zulu Pop Princess Toya Delazy. Digital readers can also enjoy exclusive behind the scenes snaps from our south London shoot with the lovely Shu.

Also in this issue… 

Actor and musician Carrie Brownstein on rumoured romances, homonormativity and Sleater-Kinney’s new album

LGBTease: Roxy Bourdillon heads to Harpies to find out what really goes down at a queer strip club

I’m Jenny Schecter and so are you: Why the divisive L Word character deserves a second chance

How To Be A Gentlewoman: Carrie Lyell talks to Elle editor Lotte Jeffs about mastering the art of soft power in hard times

Is drinking culture changing? Danielle Mustarde investigates the “sober curious” trend

Mandu Reid: The new leader of the Women’s Equality Party on being visible and audible as a black bisexual woman

Queervial Pursuit: Show off your sapphic smarts with our lez/bi brain teasers

What’s it like to be director of the world’s first vagina museum?

PLUS Travel, horoscopes and much, much more!