***LIMITED EDITION*** DIVA Magazine September 2018

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Rose and Rosie are bearing it all in this month’s DIVA - scars included. In a no-holds-barred interview with Roxy Bourdillon, the YouTube megastars open up about things they’ve never talked about online, and reveal what fans can expect from their book and upcoming tour. Make sure to pick up a copy to see the stunning shoot by Linda Blacker, and digital readers can expect some juicy extras…

Also in this issue

Desiree Akhavan: “I’m attracted to stories about women”
Cameron Esposito on making jokes in the #MeToo era
DIVA meets Calendar Girl Karen Dunbar
A tale of two Freaks: Maggie Kirkpatrick and Pamela Rabe on playing the same legendary character, 30 years apart
Telling our stories: Jane Czyzselska traces the lineage of lez/bi media 
Five scenes that shapes how I see sex
PLUS: Travel, community and much, much more!
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